The Greatest in the Freaking Galaxy...
Huuge differences exist between companies in terms of experience, reliability, features, quality, speed, expertise, and attractiveness (both with the machines and office owners) so do your homework! Below are a few reasons why The Traveling Photo Booth® is the bee's knees.

Your Event is Unique So Your Photo Booth Should Be Too
It would've been easier and cheaper for us to buy a generic photo booth but we demanded the best and it didn't exist. Our machines are designed exclusively for us (learn about our company history HERE) and our patented software and beautiful photo booths and photo stands are jam-packed with one-of-a-kind features you won't find anywhere else.


A Jack of All Trades is a Master of None - and We're No Jack
It's impossible to provide the best photo booth experience when you're the DJ and the Wedding Photographer (no offense to photographers named DJ). By focusing only on your photo booth rental, we're able to give you 110% ensuring that your experience is unrivaled and exceeds all expectations.

Our Clients Live Longer, Healthier, and Have More Meaningful Lives.*
*A message from our lawyers: The Traveling Photo Booth® has no evidence to support this claim so take it with a 1/2 grain of salt.


Our Experience & Expertise is Unmatched
We're the oldest network of nationally supported but locally owned and operated photo booth companies in the entire country. We've been doing this for 14 years+ (since 2005 before it was cool), have captured over a million Smiles and Counting® (including A-List celebrities, members of the First Family, and everyone between) and understand how important your event is. We even have the awards to prove it...and yes, photo booth awards do exist...and no we don't mean we give photo booths as awards.


We're Obnoxiously Passionate
It's easy to be passionate when you love what you do and when you're constantly working with happy people planning incredible events. Their excitement and enthusiasm is contagious in a good way (unlike the flu). We're obsessed with which new features to roll out (virtual facelift, digital teeth whitener, automatic mother-in-law removal, etc.) and even which mustaches on a stick are worthy for our Prop Kits (fu manchu is soooooo last season).


Patented Beauty Filter
Doesn't exist, because you already look amazing, did you just get your hair done?


We Offer Waaay More bang for a Little More Buck
You won't find us on GROUPON (or other discount websites) as our biggest selling point isn't being cheap but the fact that our clients go ga-ga over the insane image quality of our photos (the #1 way to prevent memory loss), how fast our machines are (faster = more photos), our unique features and add-ons, and how easy peasy we are to work with. You get what you pay for and cheap usually results in a bad experience.

We don't like Pushy Salespeople either
Pushy people belong around swingsets, not photo booths. When we, our clients, and industry peers know we're the best, we don't need to be pushy. Our goal is to help you make the right decision by sharing with you what makes us special, what to watch out for, and what really matters when shopping for a photo booth (and it isn't always obvious).

Previous Clients Love Us
Future clients love us too and the feeling is mutual. We're proud of hundreds of 5-Star Reviews. Visit your local office's page for links to reviews and checkout a few of our faves HERE.


Unrivaled Features, Quality & Add-ons
You don't want your photo booth or photo stand empty all night and collecting dust in the corner. Our booths and stands are jam-packed with unique features including Animated GIF creation, image filters, on-site reprints, that make photo junkies even out of the most camera shy of guests.

Our proprietary software and professional lighting have resulted in our photos being perfectly lit, sharper (mee-ouch!), and properly color balanced. Life is short. The images from your event should look as good as the time you had making them. Don't take our word for it, request your Free Samples and see with your own eyeballs (eyeballs not included) the difference.

While Add-ons are like condiments on a hot dog, we take great pride that no other company can ketchup to our variety of unique relishes we've been able to mustard up over the years (we hear you, we'll lay off the puns for a bit). Unlike others, our Prop Kits are ALWAYS Brand New (we strongly believe a feather boa has a lifespan of 1 night), our social media integration is soooo tomorrow, our Guest Books are beautiful (but not as beautiful as you) and made exclusively for us, and our personalization options are limitless.


You're Renting an Experience
You're not just renting a machine - you're also renting us. With 18+ years in the biz, we promise to provide an unrivaled experience from start to finish. We have answers to questions you've yet to even think of (FYI, it takes 1.94 million photo booths to reach the moon), and have all sorts of tips to ensure yor rental dreams come true. We're extremely easy and responsive to work with and your on-site attendant will look like a million bucks and will make sure your photos look even better. Congrats on your event and we hope to be there! - The Photo Booth Guys®