Meet The Photo Photo Stand

Modern, spacious, and a red carpet experience without the dirty rug! Our Open-Style Photo Stands give your guests the gift of a VIP treatment while providing even more room to show off their duds and get their goofy on. Personalize the background, choose from multiple layouts, and enjoy frame-filling photos of both small and large groups.

Personalized Backgrounds

Personalize your photo stand rental with a custom background. Choose from a collection of our faves, let us create one for you, or even design your own! Checkout Backgrounds from the TTPB Collection

Rentals Include

Photo Stand Rentals Include: Delivery, Setup, Removal, Unlimited double-print prints*, on-site reprints*, an on-site attendant, photo filters, Animated GIFs, 60 days webhosting of images, and free downloads.
Offerings may vary from office to office. Contact your local office HERE to confirm.

Quality Waaay Beyond Megapixels

Ridiculously expensive gear paired with real-time image enhancements create images of the highest quality. Our proprietary software analyzes and adjusts every image to ensure proper color rendition, contrast, exposure and sharpness. You can even enlarge your favorite pose to a 16x20 without any loss of image quality!

Multiple Print Layouts

The Photo Stand can either take 4 photos per session (aka 4-UP) or 1 photo per session (aka 1-UP). The 4-UP is perfect for creatives and selfie junkies while 1-UP sessions takes less time (great for events short on time with lots of guests) and print larger photos.Seeing is believing. Request Free Samples HERE

The Greatest In The Galaxy
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