Meet The Glam Stand

Our Glam Stand perfectly balances the desire for flawless skin and Hollywood-style Glam without making users look like they've spent too much time in the make-up chair. Our on-the-fly retouching is powered by Artificial Intelligence, is designed exclusively for us by us and delivers the perfect amount of glam 100% of the time.

Exclusive Glam Filter

Glam Filters are not created equally! In fact, we designed our very own filter that provides the glam and retouching without making your guests feel like they've spent too much time in hair and makeup. Our filter is powered by A.I and delivers glam like none other! The Glam Filter pairs well with our white background to create classic black and white photos that have a fashion/editorial, high-contrast vibe.

Rentals Include

Photo Stand Rentals Include: Delivery, Setup, Removal, Unlimited double-print prints*, on-site reprints*, an on-site attendant, photo filters, Animated GIFs, 60 days webhosting of images, and free downloads.
Offerings may vary from office to office. Contact your local office HERE to confirm.

Originals Included

Since you look great with and without the Glam Filter, we include high resolution downloads of the original, unedited files with every rental.

Quality Beyond Compare

Ridiculously expensive gear paired with real-time image enhancements create images of the highest quality. Our proprietary software analyzes and adjusts every image to ensure proper color rendition, contrast, exposure and sharpness. You can even enlarge your favorite pose to a 16x20 without any loss of image quality!

Before & After Glam


Before + After - Goldilocks Would Be PROUD!

Not too much, not too little, but just the right amount of retouching and glam.