Top Add-ons


Photo Guest Book

This precious, handmade guest book is made by our on-site Boother® during your rental and is the perfect keepsake of all the spectacular memories and messages of your event and from your guests. The sentimental attachment is so immeasurable, we can't help but get a little dewy-eyed. Full of character, impossible to insure, and a priceless keepsake to be treasured for generations to come! Measures 10.25" by 10.25", archival pages and manufactured exclusively for us.


Prop Kit

No more stinky props from last night's event! Every prop is BRAND NEW and for your guests to keep and is guaranteed to jump start the rental and encourage guests to take even more photos. The Prop Kit includes a variety of hats, goofy glasses, boas, tiaras, and much, much more. Ever wonder what the lifespan of a feather boa is? Find out HERE! A rental must have and guaranteed to sprinkle hilarious moments throughout your celebration. Based on availability, some props may be substituted for others.


Custom Strip Center

Leave your mark by printing your personalized message, colors, and images on every photo. Provide your own design or let us create one for you. It's guaranteed to be a lasting reminder of your special celebration and will live for eternity on fridges of friends and family. Pairs well with The Social Package & Custom Branding. Are you a Social Junkie? We can easily print a #Hashtag on the CSC to help you become the next viral sensation!


Real-Time Texting

TeleBooth® lets guests INSTANTLY text their photos and Animated GIFs to their phones! This straight-forward and simple approach to sharing has resulted in an INSANELY high percentage of users using TeleBooth®. Bonus: You can even personalize the message!

How it Works:

1. After taking their photo or GIF, users have the option to enter their phone number into the machine.

2. We instantly encrypt their number (we care about privacy) and within seconds, they receive their photos or GIFs via text along with a personalized message from you.

*Standard text messaging/data rates may apply. Requires the "The Social Package" add-on.


AI-Powered Digital Background + Custom Backgrounds

Personalize your photo stand rental with a custom printed OR digital background. Unlike traditional green screens that yield poor results, our AI-Powered Digital Background uses cutting edge tech to change the background quickly and attractively. Looking for a physical background? View Our Faves HERE), let us create a background (digital or real) for you, or design your own!


Photo Strip Collage

Take your event home with you! Creating breathtaking wall art from those same silly and adorable images. Custom made, affordable, hip and available in wall-ready sizes of 11"x14", 16"x20", and 20"x30". It's a great conversation piece and priceless reminder of your special event. And, you can even exclude those unwanted Mother-In-Law pics!   *Frames not included


Additional Add-Ons


What's better than a slideshow? A slideshow of images taken at your event just seconds ago! Stream the slideshow on internet-connected devices including tablets, phones, TV's, projectors, and even Jumbotrons!

Lead Capture

Need to capture attendee's email addresses? Rather than using a clipboard and begging users to provide their contact info, our machines can require users to provide their email address before using the machine.

High Rez Downloads

Free downloads of low-rez photos are great but high-rez downloads are how to keep your digital memories alive forever! Download all your GIFs and photos in multiple layouts and high and low resolution formats.

Thank You Notes

Send joy and gratitude to close ones with our dazzling Thank You postcards and folded cards. Nested in a stack of bills and other mailings, recipients will appreciate your gracious acknowledgment, while also giving you an opportunity to show off how great you look! Currently, only available with Photo Booth Rentals.

Custom Branding

Looking for new and unique ways to advertise? Marketing gurus rejoice! Include your logo and/or message on every digital photo and on our touch screen. Watch users engage with your brand while taking and sharing branded photos with friends and family.


Logos, monograms, digital Elvis cutouts rejoice! Literally leave your mark on every digital and printed image taken at your event. Provide your own artwork or choose from a variety of stylish in-house designs.

Acrylic Frames

A great addition to any photo booth rental and a fabulous party favor. Our custom made acrylic photo frames protect even the silliest of photo strips and make unique and memorable table settings, too.